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How to Company Registration in Hong Kong 2020-2021

How to Company Registration in Hong Kong 2020-2021

If you are looking for How to Company Registration in Hong Kong 2020-2021, the ideal means by which you can establish a Company in Hong Kong is essential that you know and understands the Company Registration procedures. The registration process will require that you have all of the necessary documents required by the regulations for company formation. Among those documents are the Articles of Association, Memorandum, and Articles of Association. These will be used to form your Company and ensure that all of the business activities you will engage in with your Company are conducted following Hong Kong’s laws.

Company Registration in Hong Kong

There are a large number of advantages that you can derive from Company Registration. First of all, if you register a company in Hong Kong, you are not only doing this on your behalf, but you will save on the costs of having a legal professional to handle the entire process. You can also save on the fees that you would have to pay a company organizer or an attorney to accomplish the same task. Additionally, when you register a company, you are making it ve

ry clear that you are conducting business under another company’s umbrella. This is extremely helpful as far as liability is concerned and can be used to protect your assets should they be lost due to an action based on the conduct of your Company.

The next step in how to company registration Hong Kong is answering a series of standard questions. These questions cover the nature of your business, the purpose for which you wish to form a Company, and the name of the Company. You will also be required to state whether the Company will carry on business exclusively for your benefit or if it will make its profits available to others. Be sure to accurately answer these questions, as ignoring them could result in your Company Registration’s invalidation. Suppose you are not entirely sure about something. In that case, it is advisable to obtain the services of a Company Registration Agent who can fill out the Company Registration for you and make all the necessary calculations and checks to ensure that everything is perfectly square.

Next, you will have to choose the business name used for the Company’s logbook and register it with the Companies Registry. When choosing a business name, you should aim to have something that reflects your business and the type of products and services you intend to provide. Avoid using the name of your competitor. Your chosen business name should be distinct and easy to remember by your customers.

Once you have decided on your Company’s name and completed the company registration, you are ready to set up the Company. To begin the process, you will be given a Business Number (BN), which you may use to register your business. However, you should ensure that the Business Number is unique, so ask a Company Registration Agent to give you a business reference number (FRN). This number should be added to all correspondence relating to the business and should be kept with your Company Registration Document (DRD).

A further step in the process is to register the business name and its address with the Companies Registry. You may use an online service for this or visit a local office of the Companies Registry to apply. If the business references are still listed in the Companies Registry database, you may request them to be removed from the list. The Companies Registry will process the application after reviewing the submitted documents and issuing final approval. You will then receive the Business Reference Number (FRN) and a Business Registration Certificate (BRC).

To protect the privacy of your Company, you should register it under an individual trade name. For Example, if you have two businesses, one in the UK and one in Hong Kong, you should register your businesses under its name. If you are changing your business name, you can include a small note on the business cards, letterhead, and company seal. Ensure that you use a business name that is easy to remember and spell. Be cautious about using initials or words that are too fancy.

It is best to register the business in person or give the Companies Registry a call. The Registry staff can help you find the necessary documents to complete the process quickly and easily. Once your business name is registered, you are only required to file annual reports. You do not need to submit copies of the business reference or business plans. Business registration in Hong Kong will take less time and cost less than any other type of registration.



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