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Top sunglasses that Australians are buying online

Top sunglasses that Australians are buying online

Men or Women, Australians are crazy for their outdoor activities, events, and vacations, and that is where eyeglasses become a daily affair for them. From the sunny beaches of North and South to the vast barren regions of mainland Australia, eyeglasses have found great importance among the Aussies. Apart from bringing styling appeal to your face, sunglasses have evolved to deliver protection and efficient eye care solutions. They help to reduce the glare and provide clear vision while protecting eyes from dust and harmful particles. Whether you are biking on roads or sunbathing on an Australian beach, or going towards mainland deserts, Aussies have a range of excuses to don trendy, elegant looking sunglasses.

The rapid growth of the eyeglass market fueled by technology and online shopping

The rapid growth of the eyeglass market fueled by technology and online shopping

While the global eyewear market will touch $200 billion by 2021, increasing focus on service, quality lenses, and classical designs are some factors that are adding to the eyewear boom. It is also noticeable how technology brings more robust eye care solutions that fuel the growth of the sunglasses or eyeglasses and contact lens industry. Then there are players in the online eyeglass industry that are rapidly expanding Research and Development with cutting-edge innovation that brings more delight and comfort for the buyers. Technology like 3D printing for Rims, Artificial Intelligence for Face recognition and eyesight, Lens development, Blue light blocking concept are all working in tandem that offers more durability, choice, and attraction for the potential buyers. 

Over the last 50 years, customer choices have also transformed significantly, which adds to the eyewear market growth. While some wearers are still comfortable with old-fashioned frames and rims existing during the 1970s and others, they have allowed fashionable frames for their glasses. People, nowadays, are also considering eyeglasses that will fit into both professional and casual lifestyles. Thin metal frame glasses have attracted more young buyers into it; however, young women adapt thick-rimmed eyeglasses for fashion and regular business events.

Enter the digital commerce phase for eyeglasses that Australians are adopting


Unlike the old days, things related to trade and commerce shifted to a digital phase with 4G technology that enables users to fast-track their trade. Thus came the digital e-Commerce boom for the eyeglasses industry allowing buyers to look at a wide range of options for their eyes. This digital boom has also been fueled by technology and growing satisfaction among online buyers. It provides a unique shopping experience for the buyers with integrated virtualization and facial recognition system, which helps in efficient eyewear selection. Although the e-commerce market is still a minor player for the eyeglass makers, it is overgrowing, replacing physical stores.

Top 3 eyeglasses that Australians are buying online in 2020-2021

Although there are many major players and brands that one can choose from, not many offer a wide range of selections and a great shopping experience. For instance, a quality brand like RayBan or Armani, or Gucci comes at a costly affair if you buy them directly from the store, while the same product may be cheaper in other multi-vendor shopping partners. For that reason, one may find it more suitable to go with an online e-Commerce website. One such organization is Vision Direct, which is serving globally in the eyewear industry with a cutting-edge digital commerce platform. Here are the top 3 Sunglasses that Australians prefer to buy online.

  1. Gucci GG0026O 001
  2. Ray-Ban RX3447V Round Metal 2500
  3. Oakley OX8156 HOLBROOK RX 815601



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