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How to Organize Your Coffee Table

How to Organize Your Coffee Table

How to Organize Your Coffee Table 2
How to Organize Your Coffee Table 2

A coffee table can be a decorative element that you can place in your living room or family room. Choosing the right coffee table can increase the aesthetic value of the room. Moreover, you should also be able to design and organize your coffee table well so that it is not just a place to put a cup of coffee on it. Below are some tips that you can try to organize your trendy coffee tables Australia so that it looks more attractive and decorative.

Display Your Favorite Collections

Turn your coffee table into a showroom where you show off your favorite collections. Whether it is books, action figures, novels, or so on. For those of you who admire a minimalist concept, you probably think that this idea is too much and crowded. So, you can opt for showing off your favorite flower on your coffee table. Just place one flower vase and it will sweeten your coffee table. But, don’t you want to try something out of the box to be combined with your favorite minimalist design, anyway?

Place A Tray

The next idea to attractively organize your coffee table is by placing a tray. Do you think your coffee table is too large? Then, you can try to place a tray on top of it. A large coffee table will look slightly smaller if you cover it with a tray. You can opt for a wooden tray or rattan tray to bring a unique, aesthetic touch to your coffee table. This way, your coffee table will look more attractive.

Add Lanterns

A hanging lamp is usually placed above a coffee table in order to highlight it. But if you want something more unique, you can place the hanging lamp with a lantern instead. This idea will bring a fresh contemporary concept. A big lantern can be a complementary accessory for your coffee table as well. A good combination for the lantern is a rattan coffee table. When you want to hold a party, you just need to light the candle inside the lantern and your coffee table will look livelier.

The lantern will also provide dramatic lighting, especially at night. Besides above the coffee table, you can also place a lantern on it. But be careful with the fire. Make sure the lantern material is not flammable.

Involve Natural Elements

The next idea is involving natural elements. Place natural elements to add a natural touch to your coffee table. It can be simply flowers, natural stones, an antique wooden bowl, and so on. Besides acting as an accessory, those items can also bring a cozy atmosphere so that you get relaxed while enjoying a cup of your favorite coffee. This is surely a unique idea that you can apply to your coffee table. Natural elements are best to be combined with a wooden coffee table. But you can also combine them with any models of coffee table as well.

Those are some ideas to organize and decorate your coffee table.


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